Glass Bottles - yep, our products are packaged in glass, NOT PLASTIC!

Glass Bottles - yep, our products are packaged in glass, NOT PLASTIC!

When I first began my soap making journey I knew I wanted to create products that were not only beautiful and luxurious on the skin, but also gentle on the environment. Thats why our all natural bar soaps are packaged in boxes made from recycled paper and are fully biodegradable. When I started expanding my range to include natural liquid castile hand and body wash and also hand and body creams I knew that I wanted the packaging to also be environmentally friendly! And that's why I chose to use glass. It's important to note that plastic bottles are much much cheaper than glass bottles (about a 10th of the price) but I couldn't let only the cost be my main reason for choosing the packaging of my products.

I have had people that are worried about having glass bottles at the bathroom or kitchen sink. The bottles that we use are strong! To break one you would need to drop it from quite a height! In the years that I have been using glass bottles (and I have two young children) we have never had a break! Ask yourself - do you drink wine, beer spirits from a glass bottle? Do you drink out of a glass or use ceramic coffee cups? How often do you break one of them? And what are you doing when your break one? Usually its when you are either unloading the dishwasher or are carrying your bottle or glass around the house. Do you carry your soap around the house? No, you don't! It sits happily in the bathroom on a shelf, away from swinging arms and accidental slips. Of course accidents happen, but it's not common.

So I've made a little list of why glass packaging is better than plastic.

1. Environmental Impact: Glass is made from abundant natural resources and is 100% recyclable without loss of quality or purity, unlike plastic which tends to degrade each time it is recycled. This means that glass can be reused over and over again, reducing the demand for new materials and decreasing environmental impact.

2. No BPA or phthalates: Glass is a safer packaging option than plastic because it doesn't contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the product it's holding. For example, some plastics contain chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which can interfere with your health. When you buy products packaged in glass, you don't have to worry about potential chemical contamination.

3. Product Quality Preservation: Glass has a nonporous and impermeable surface which doesn't absorb residues or smells, and doesn't allow air and oxygen to get in contact with the product. This maintains the quality of the product much better than plastic. 

 4. Aesthetics: Products packaged in glass just look and feel better when compared to those in plastic! Glass packaging is more visually appealing, especially our amber glass bottles! Plus when you're finished with your products you can repurpose the bottles and use them for fun things like plant propagation!

Let me know what you think! Would you prefer for your products to be packaged in glass or plastic?


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