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Bar Soap vs Body Wash (and why bar soap is the winner!!)

Did you know that all natural bar soaps are the sustainable alternative to commercial liquid body washes? (also handcrafted soap is way better than the bars you can buy at the supermarket - but ill save that for another blog post!)

All natural bar soaps tend to last longer than bottled body wash (when cared for correctly - don’t leave your bar soap sitting in water as this will soften the soaps edges and mean that you use it twice as fast!). A longer lasting product is better for the environment and also your wallet! Body wash is also packaged in plastic, which we all know isn't great for the environment. Plastics aren't biodegradable! Even if plastic is recycled it slowly degrades each time that its recycled and it will eventually end up in land fill... or the ocean. Our full range of luxury natural bar soaps are free from plastic packaging making them gentle on the environment and a much better choice than commercial body wash. Check them out HERE.

Commercial body washes are typically made with synthetic and artificial ingredients and fragrances that are often harsh on the skin. These synthetic ingredients can strip your skin of its natural oils and often cause dryness and irritation. Artificial fragrances often contain allergenic compounds and other synthetic chemicals that can wreak havoc with your skin and cause all sorts of irritation too. Our bar soaps are made with high quality plant based oils and butters that provide nourishment to the skin, while maintaining the skins natural moisture barrier, leaving it feeling soft and cared for.

What has been your experience with using commercial body wash vs beautiful hand crafted soaps? I would love to hear from you!

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