The two biggest mistakes made when using bar soap

The two biggest mistakes made when using bar soap

These are the two BIGGEST mistakes that you will make when using cold process bar soap.

Number 1 -

Using a "soap saver" bag. A soap saver bag is a small bag, made out of a cotton or towelling material. They are sometimes made from eco friendly fibres like hemp and are designed for you to put your soap within the bag. You then use the bag to wash yourself. Soap savers have been marketed as a solution to prolong the life of your soap bar. However this is not the case. Firstly the name is very misleading! They do not "save" your soap, nor do they make it last longer. The do the exact opposite by keeping your soap wet. A wet soap will eventually become a soft soap. A soft soap will be used twice as fast as a nice hard bar. This means that you are wasting your beautiful hand made soap and having to buy more, more often than you need! I recommend using a face washer or wash cloth. This way you can store the face washer and soap separately, which allows your soap to dry and stay nice and hard. There are plenty of amazing eco friendly options on the market that wont leave you with mushy soap! We have some beautiful hand loomed face washers available online.

Number 2 - Using a bad soap dish. "What is a bad soap dish??" i hear you ask! A bad soap dish is a dish that doesn't drain water away from your bar. Or a dish that has a flat bottom. (using no soap dish is just as bad) A flat bottomed dish, or leaving your soap on the side of the basin or on a shelf in your shower means that the underneath of your soap doesn't have a chance to dry. Same goes for a soap dish that doesn't drain the water away. All of these options mean that your soap is remaining wet after use and that the edges are softening. Like i said earlier, a soft soap will be used up twice as fast (or three times as fast) as a bar that's allowed to dry. Soft soaps are also messy and will have you cleaning your sink or shower way more often than needed. So please stop wasting your soap (and your money) and invest in a well draining dish.

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